01 January 2007

New Year........ New Blog!

Beware of crossing standing stones!
(photo by Hettie Goverts. Click to enlarge)
A very Happy New Year to you all. This might be a good moment in time to switch to our new blog "British Rock Art Blog" (BRAB) on Wordpress.com. We already did some try-outs there (thanks Hob & Brian) and you will receive an invitiation by e-mail to take a look there. It is our intention to give you the status of "Contributor" on the new blog. That may cause some husle to get registered, etc. But it is worthwhile because there are much beter features on the new blog like: being able to use html (url's, etc.) in the comments, a search engine, the possiblity to see who has commented to a topic lately, perma-linking, etc. Please give it a try and play around with it! We also are putting the good old "Rock Art in the British Landscape" on ice. That means that the new blog will also be used as a forum and for that reason it is open to anyone who wants to comment. That is: for the time being....... if to much trolls and lunatics pop-up, access will be restricted to (invited) contributors only. So RABL will be terminated within a few months time. We are now working on the tranfersion of the "Rock Art-icles" to BRAC. We'll keep you posted! Hope to see/hear of you on the British Rock Art Blog soon! The full url is: http://rockartuk.wordpress.com/ Have a wonderfull 2007! Cheers from Gus & Jan

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Jan said...

Don't panic! You may still use this blog. It will be closed when you all have safely reached the new blog.
See you there!