30 October 2006

Burrup Pennisula RA 18,000 yrs old?

Eyup folks, the HA discussion board just had a post about this: http://politicalarchaeology.wordpress.com/activist-archaeology/ I know it's a bit outside our usual sphere of influence, and we've touched on it before, but is this 18,000 figure likely to be confirmed? PS: If anyone feels like mithering senator Campbell as suggested on the above link, It couldn't do any harm could it?

21 October 2006

RAM 2007

Hi Folks, Just to let you all know... I have set the date for RAM07, it will be held on June 10th 2007. I hope this is okay for everyone, i have not got all the fine details worked out yet, but it will be on that date. Looking forward to seeing you all in my home land. Brian

20 October 2006

Let me know if this works

Hello folks, Could someone do me a favour and tell me if this zip downloads and opens OK? Jan, I've still got the High res versions if you still want them on disc. http://www.hobsonish.plus.com/asr/asr.zip (Jan: The whole serie can be seen on the 'Sculpture Rocks of Northumberland' collection on BRAC. Thanks a lot, Hob!)

09 October 2006

With Regard to RAM07......

Hi Folks, Just a quickie, been thinking and chewing some fat with regards to next years RAM. I know some folks were thinking about having a couple of days type thingy, that would maybe involve a stop over somewhere on the saturday night so we could have a chat etc.. So those that were perhaps thinking of staying over, would it be a camping thing or a hotel or b&b thing? I am just trying to work a few things out in my head, wasn't sure if you folks liked hotels etc..or would rather just camp?.. I know its along way off yet, but i like to plan things early.. wolfy

02 October 2006

Circles launched in Hexham

Hi Folks, Stan emailed me a document (probably a press-release) about events surrounding the launch of his latest book coming November in Hexham. Cheers, Jan

01 October 2006

Gallows Outon Spiral.....revealed.

Hi Folks, Just to let you know that the spiral at Gallows Outon has showed itself this past weekend. It has been the one carving i have wanted to see since i started getting the rock art bug... The carving looks as special as i thought it would do, after seeing it in the Ronald Morris book,(my first rock art book bought just after i got the bug..). I had to move alot of cow muck to get to this carving, i was left smelly etc, but it was worth it.( I am sure Suzanne has some pics of me shovelling the sh*t*..). Another interesting thing was the 3 sets of carved initials found just up from the carvng...seems like it was something the old antiquarians did. It was also interesting to visit St Ninians cave just after Gallows Outon, and to find a small carving very similar to the spiral at Gallows was a little spooky..