30 June 2006

Filedtrip 2006 Photos

Hi Guys and Gals, Just for the record: our Fieldtrip 2006 photo album is on BRAC now. Its about the 'making of' rock art photos, boring travel days, people and places, pubs and museums, IFRAO-scales, field flowers, funny moments and more. Cheers, Gus & Jan (Hob was refering to this photo of one of the Alnmouth Wall stones)

28 June 2006

RAM'06 Photo Album

Hi Folks, The RAM'06 photo album is on BRAC now. Don't worry, the album isn't closed yet so if you have rock-art-people pics of the 4th of June, please mail them to me. Cheers, Jan

21 June 2006

RA and grub .

Hello Brian , about a year ago I found six separate panels all surrounding a man made loch near Urlar . I get the impression that when they were carved the area would have been quite similar and would have attracted animals , possibly a reason for the carvings. Some of the pics are under Black Burn in the Perth and Kinross folder.

20 June 2006

A Reason for the Carvings?...

Hi Folks, Just made contact with another farmer in the Wigtown area, the farmer owns East Drummodie farm. He called me to let me know that he had something on his land i might be interested in. It was not rock carvings, but i was still interested. He found something after removing an old cattle feeder, and after having his cows wander over the area, something appeared. He had no idea what he found, but thought it was linked to other finds on the land. What he found was a circle of stones perhaps 12ft across. The interesting fact i found was that the area used to be under water and known as Dowalton Loch,and indeed there is still what remains of Dowalton Burn, there are a known number of crannogs placed around the area that the loch used to cover. Indeed parts of the land are still slightly marshy. I suggested to Mr Young that what he found might have a link to a crannog which he knows about which is situated a small distance away, or indeed it may be another crannog. He has asked me to take a look to see if i can get a better idea what it could be, (i don't need to be asked twice,lol). My idea is a simple one, if you look at what surrounds this wet area, you have a number of major rock art, or standing stone sites, such as Drumtroddan, Big Balcraig, Culnoag and Claunch. Was the main focal point for the rock carvings, the stones, the loch?..a nice picture of prehistoric life happening around the loch, with a number of hills with views over the loch, carvings made for the loch?.. I shall be meeting with Mr Young soon, should be interesing to see what exactly he has found that was hidden away under the cattle feeder all these years, perhaps unrecorded. Brian

Some questions on your views of rock art

Hello this is my first post. I'm writing a short paper on the perceptions of rock art and am just asking a few questions to see what your views are. feel free to pick and choose which are relevant questions to your experiences and to add any comments that may be useful. Thanks Jo. The Perceptions of Rock Art Questionnaire (draft q’s) 1. Before going to a rock art site to record it do you read about it first and then take the book or printed web pages from the Beckensall website to the rock art site and try to find the panels from them? 2. Do the references, including descriptions, pictures, drawings, always match the rock art panel? 3. Do they differ a lot from how you might have imagined they look? 4. Does the size/area of the rock art site feel a lot bigger than might be imagined if you looked at a map? 5. Do you find all the panels or indeed motifs, if map references are wrong or they have been moved or eroded away? 6. Do you find all the numbers of cup marks that Stan Beckensall records? 7. Do some cup marks look more natural than artificial? 8. How do you feel about the landscape environment around the rock art, do roads, livestock, or people get in the way of a good peaceful view? 9. Has the landscape changed at any sites since previous pictures were taken by Beckensall or others, have trees or other plants been planted or destroyed? 10. Does turf cover alter perceptions if you’ve just looked at a panel with turf or other plants covering it and then seen more of the motifs underneath the turf? 11. If in a museum how does the environment around the rock art feel then compared to being outside on the hills? 12. Does the rock art look better in certain light conditions? 13. Is it ever facing away from the sunlight so it’s in shade from the sun and only in sunlight for a small amount of time?

19 June 2006

2006 Fieldtrip

Hi Folks, Our 8th fieldtrip ended on the 6th of June! With the first two winterly weeks almost forgotten (exept the rock art, of course!), the last sunny week stuck in our short term memory. With 40 visited sites, this was one of our most productive fieldtrips ever. One of the highlights was Urlar Burn-3 (NN84NE 29) near Aberfeldy (click photo above). It was only seen -and wrongly described- by an OS surveyer in 1975. We had the impression that the design was 'one of a kind' and it was a kind of moving in its simplicity. A cup-and-ring with groove and 3 cups and a cup-and-ring with one cup, both groups encircled by a groove. The design gave us instandly a feeling of togetherness, like a man and woman with some kids; a family-panel, a happy moment in time...... unique! Another of the many 'goodies' was Blairbuy in D&G which we visited with Suzanne & Brian on a sunny saturday in May. Yes, we even did some overtime in the weekends. South Friarton and Bonnytoun were unexpected nice ones too and so was Newbigging, although in a sad location, still an impressive "stone with a story". The 'catch' was always good enough for a stylish celebration in the pub; another nice aspect of a successfull fieldtrip! We enjoyed the well-attended RAM'06 with beautifull weather and companionable people. In short: "TOP!" A photo collection of the 'none rock art part' of the 2006 fieldtrip as well as of the RAM will be put on BRAC in due time. Thanks for all your support and good company! We hope to see you next year in Dumfries and Galloway at the RAM'07 hosted by Brian & Suzanne. Cheers, Jan

17 June 2006

Rock Art Humor

(click photo to enlarge)
Hi Folks,
Paul Bennett sent us a revealing cartoon about the true origin of cup-and-ring marks. Thanks for that, Paul! The creator of this peep into prehistory, Hunt Emerson, gave us permission to put it on BRAC and its there now in a new collection "Humor in British Rock Art". We hope for (much?) more to overcome difficult moments caused by over-reacting editors, mad landowners, one-way ticketers of turf, to serious people and so on. So send us your wink to the past for all to enjoy! Thanks, Jan

05 June 2006

RAM-tastic! (1)

A quick note to say i had a great day at Jan and Gus's 2006 Rock Art Meeting. Great weather on the day and a chance to see some fine rock art, with a friendly bunch of people. Thanks to Rich for driving us up there (door to door service - much appreciated). I've not looked at my photo's yet, but if any one has any 'gems' it would be good to see them. (groups-pic added with pleasure by Jan)