26 November 2006

Any thoughts?

Hi Folks, Went walking over Blackmyre moor yesterday, rather than trying to find something i knew about, i was looking for new carvings. I spotted this really nice rock, it is covered in depressions, almost certainly natural.I do think that perhaps this rock did have carvings at sometime, perhaps before natural effects took their toll. I say this mainly because of the place the rock is situated. We have a burn on either side of the rock, a burn behind which flows through the moor and on into both the burns to the sides. It also has a 360 degree around the rock, from where you look to the sea, to Glenquicken, to Cambret Hill, Cairnharrow and Cairnholy. I would think there can be few other idealy placed rocks for carvings, especially in Galloway.Also take into account the panel that is in the Stewartry museum which came from Blackmyre farm, then this area is ideal.

19 November 2006

Internet Explorer 7 & RCAHMS

Hi Folks, Just wondering if anyone else has downloaded IE7?.. I have and quite like it, though it does seem to have a few problems when you try and use Canmore. I can access the area i want, but looking at details, or zooming in, just does not work. Let me kow if anyone else has tried IE7 and RCAHMS. cheers Brian

14 November 2006

BAA 2006 Award for NRA/BA

Hi Folks, Here's the charter of the BAA 2006 award won by Newcastle University. A well deserved recognition for the whole team! Our congratulations! Cheers, Jan

09 November 2006

Alaskan Spirals

More petroglyphic tomfoolery from the Tlingit in Alaska, 3-8k years old apparently: Nice spirals, crap names for beaches:
cup & rings, they're fish eyes ah tell the!!

07 November 2006

Burial cairns as rock-art symbols?

here's a link to an interesting picture of the cairn field at Joelahtme in Estonia http://www.sea.ee/lehed/eci/east.html It might seem a long way away but Knox noted a remarkably similar site near Ravenscar on the North York Moors before it was destroyed in the early 1800's. Note also some details about the cup marked sliding stone at Kostivere- where sliding bare bottomed down the stone could help get a woman pregnant. http://www.rebala.ee/en/?Places_of_interest:Sliding_cultstone Mr Fitz said he used to slide down a large sloping rock at the Wainstones when he was a lad ......hmmmm

02 November 2006

UK's most southerly example of RA?

Just having a surf around and came across this http://ads.ahds.ac.uk/catalogue/specColl/SoA_images/detail.cfm?object=3774 This is a new one to me and I guess is the most southerly piece of rock art in the UK cheers fitz