09 October 2006

With Regard to RAM07......

Hi Folks, Just a quickie, been thinking and chewing some fat with regards to next years RAM. I know some folks were thinking about having a couple of days type thingy, that would maybe involve a stop over somewhere on the saturday night so we could have a chat etc.. So those that were perhaps thinking of staying over, would it be a camping thing or a hotel or b&b thing? I am just trying to work a few things out in my head, wasn't sure if you folks liked hotels etc..or would rather just camp?.. I know its along way off yet, but i like to plan things early.. wolfy


Hobson said...

It would be nice if there was somewhere that offered both options. i.e. a roof or a tent.

The West Weetwood folks were happy to have a small group of tents in the garden.

Personally, I'm happy either way. If you want a hand seacrhing, giz a shout.

rockrich said...

Brian, I'd prefer a hard roof, mainly due to the lack of a tent.

All Fitz needs is a car park, or grass verge.

george said...

Kirkcudbright ? Camp site in town and posh one not too far, lots of BnBs close to RA .?

wolfy said...


lots of camping, lots of hotels, lots of B&B's...i am sure i can find one or two places that will be good.., all of course a stones throw from the rock art..


GraemeC said...

I'm used to camping when i go to bike rally's and stuff, so thats no problem for me, but i'm not averse to a comfy B&B if thats how it works out - probably more civilised.
Mr Bennett will sleep in a ditch
Its just Rich whose soft (BG)

Jan said...

Hi Brian,
We drive our Chevvy campervan wherever you want us. Kirkcudbright -the artists town!- sounds good! Hope for some pubs in the Galloway Inn style!
When will you set a date?

Fitz said...

I've camped at Newton Farm in the past.
It's a lovely little site, amenity wise it's very basic but it has it's own sheltered beach, Ideal for bonfires (I'll bring the wood,)best of all it has a rock art panel and a chambered tomb.