20 October 2006

Let me know if this works

Hello folks, Could someone do me a favour and tell me if this zip downloads and opens OK? Jan, I've still got the High res versions if you still want them on disc. http://www.hobsonish.plus.com/asr/asr.zip (Jan: The whole serie can be seen on the 'Sculpture Rocks of Northumberland' collection on BRAC. Thanks a lot, Hob!)


george said...

Hello Hob , I got the Donnan files if that was what was intended .

Hobson said...

Cheers George, I wasn't sure if it had stuck properly as I don't really know how to use my FTP client for uploading things that aren't html.

I should also have made it clear what the file is. I'd been arguing with Photoshop's batch processing features for an hour or two and was a bit distracted :)

It should be a .zip file containing 37 jpeg photos of a ratty old copy of Tate's 'Ancient Sculptured Rocks of Northumberland and the Eastern Borders'.

It's about 5.5Mb, so beware if you're on a slow connection.

Jan said...

Hi Hob,
If all zips would open like your zip (file), this world would be a better place! Thanks a lot for all those nice pages -and plates!- by Mr Tate.
I already put the title page in the RA books collection and I'm thinking of putting the pages in a seperate collection. It would be great to have this very first accounts on-line!
Especially for the plates, it would be nice to have the high-resses too but not in a hurry with that.
Thanks and we'll hear/see soon.

rockrich said...

cheers Mr H sir,

Jan said...

Hi Hob,
Going through the pages, I thought it would be a good idea to have the whole serie publish on BRAC.
What are your thoughts about that?

Fitz said...

Excellent stuff Mr H

Hobson said...

Jan, I'dbe more than happy for you to put the whole thing up on BRAC if you wish. As far as I'm aware, the book is probably out of copyright, as I'd be surprised if Mr Tate joined the ancestors within the last 70 years.

Ideally, I'd like to get my hands on a copy in better condition and scan it with character recognition software, then make it into a .pdf file.

Failing that, I might get around to typing it all up afresh, and photoshopping the plates to tidy the up a bit.

I'm glad ya'll liked it :)

Jan said...

Hi Hob
Tate on the www after 141 years!
Amazing stuff!
I've added an active link in your original post.
Here's the full link for further reference:

Rockandy said...

That's good work Hob. Thanks very much. It'll be fine bed time reading.