01 October 2006

Gallows Outon Spiral.....revealed.

Hi Folks, Just to let you know that the spiral at Gallows Outon has showed itself this past weekend. It has been the one carving i have wanted to see since i started getting the rock art bug... The carving looks as special as i thought it would do, after seeing it in the Ronald Morris book,(my first rock art book bought just after i got the bug..). I had to move alot of cow muck to get to this carving, i was left smelly etc, but it was worth it.( I am sure Suzanne has some pics of me shovelling the sh*t*..). Another interesting thing was the 3 sets of carved initials found just up from the carvng...seems like it was something the old antiquarians did. It was also interesting to visit St Ninians cave just after Gallows Outon, and to find a small carving very similar to the spiral at Gallows was a little spooky..


rockrich said...

It all looks a bit suspect doesn't it. What's your gut feeling regarding the antiquity of the Gallows spiral?

wolfy said...

It is the real deal...no worry about that., have i given you the impression it is suspect?..

this is the real thing, for certain.

rockrich said...

sorry Brian, I thought you were inferring that the initials carved & the cave spiral meant the Gallows could be a later folly, given its excellent state of preservation. Looking back at your info I’ve made one helluva a leap, lol. You’re best off ignoring me, I’m going through a sceptical phase where most cups are natural & all the carvings on Ilkley were carved by the Rev. Josiah Bartholomew Higginbotham in 1743;-)

Suzanne said...

JR who? Hartley? Ewing? And JC? Was it Julian Cope?

heh... no just that old affliction of many old stones.... they carved it, so can we.

Hobson said...

Loud Applause :)

Very neat. And 10 out of 10 for perseverance with the cow effluvium.

Innit nice when you find one that's prviously eluded you?