02 October 2006

Circles launched in Hexham

Hi Folks, Stan emailed me a document (probably a press-release) about events surrounding the launch of his latest book coming November in Hexham. Cheers, Jan


Hobson said...

I'm there. But Annoyingly, he didn't say what time he's on.

wolfy said...

We we will see ya there Hob..

i am taking the day off..want to be there front row with my autograph book in hand..(lol)..

Hobson said...

Nice on Brian :)

wolfy said...

Hi Folks,

Stan has been in touch...

the book is out next week, a whole month early.

Hobson said...


wolfy said...

Hi Folks,

Just to confirm the date and time for the talk by Stan.

It is at the Queen's Hall in the
library at 7.30pm on November 22.

Tickets will be obtainable from the box office there.
Tel 01434 652477

only 120 seats so book now!!!


GraemeC said...

Whaa!...You have to buy a ticket for this one?
This rock art thing is getting so trendy these days. I remember a time when you would have to pay people to come and listen to ramblings about bits of old carved stone (grin).

wolfy said...

Hi Folks,
just got my copy today...


thanks stan..

cheque on its way to you..