09 September 2006

Strange sight in a Cumbrian field.

I hesitate to raise this issue but i am becoming increasingly concerned that the study of too much rock art can have disturbing sided effects. A couple of weekends ago i was shocked to see two well known rock art enthusiasts have now taken to dressing as pirates and running a round fields in Cumbria. This seemingly respectable couple (who shall remain nameless ?) were last seen staggering off towards a field of tents, kicking their heels in the air and shouting "Ah-Har me Hearty's!". Unfortunately i did not have a camera to hand and was somewhat transfixed by the wierdness of this spectacle, but if any anonomous pictures find their way to the blog, it might be better to get this out in the open .. whats it worth Mr W?. Regards GC


wolfy said...

Wow.... i heard that story..

We were going about our usual weekend business, looking for carvings, but in this case we heard of a strange stone circle carved with all sorts of prehistoric animals. We had to investigate, after looking through field after field, we found nothing. We entered the last field on our list looking for the circle, we entered the field and were shocked to see it full of hippies of all ages. We even spotted a famous author. We were worried about getting spotted, so to make sure we could carry our work on with getting spotted, we luckily had a pirate and a fairy costume in our bags..(i was the pirate)..we could hear the hippies chanting for their leader..sure his name started with a G..anyway we were able to carry on and found the stone circle. We had to stay there for 3 days before we could get away safely.
I might have a couple of pics of the time in question..lol..

Hobson said...

Heh heh heh!

Was that the Solfest?

I'm a keen advocate of 'International speak like apirate day'


wolfy said...

yes indeedy Hob m'lad..


GraemeC said...

Excellent photo's and actally slightly more disturbing than i remember (grin)
Great plan to disguise yourself and mingle with the crowds in order to further your prehistoric researches, i thought you were there just to get *!%^*@#~.
BTW It was a nice suprise to see you both there, shame we did get an oppourtunity to chat more. My little lad thought it was all marvelous and keeps asking when can we go back.

The one thing that sticks in my mind was a big bloke who looked like he should have been at the highland games, except for the mini-kilt and small fairy wings -very strange and very wierd.

rockrich said...

This isn't a sign of things to come at next years RAM is it?

wolfy said...

We did think of making it a fancy dress RAM next year..we found the perfect costume for you Rich.....


rockrich said...

lol, theres no blue bucket!