12 September 2006

Recording Rock Art..the best way?

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Hi Folks, After uncovering the new panel at The Grange, i realise that i have further work to do there to record the panel properly for D&E. I know what details to take etc, but never on this size of panel, so far only recording smaller or simpler panels. When it comes to drawing or sketching larger panels, is there a set method involved or is it just draw what you see?..i am not too bad at drawing but would still like to get it as accurate as possible,obviously the use of a grid marker would perhaps help.. any thoughts on the subject.. What methods do you use George?. Brian


Rockandy said...

Hi Brian

A method I've been toying with is via a photograph. Photo needs to be taken in good light conditions (with water) to get best view (or plan view) and shot should include a scale and north arrow. Go home and use Photoshop Elements with photocopy filter to generate a b&w image with clear outline and view of (at least some) of the rock art. Trace from this to produce a scale drawing with as many features as you can see on the photo and photocopy, including the scale and N arrow. Go back into the field and finish it off with the rock in front of you.

Drawback is that this method needs two trips to the rock art but seems to work for me and I can't draw either.


wolfy said...

Hi Andy,

That is what i have been playing around with this morning, playing with photoshop to see what results i can get.
We need some type of fold away grid, you can just open out and put over the carvings..then try and draw..lol.


george said...

Hello Brian , as far as DES reports go they are not looking for anything too detqailed , dimesions of the rock , grid ref , a mention of local markers e.g. 200 m E of farm etc , rough description of the markings and possibly some rough measurements of cup sizes length of channels etc .The proper recording needs an accurate drawing so a grid could be used but one method is to strips if line half metre apart rahter than cart a rigid frame . You probably have the necessary aretistic skills and more for that way . There is also rubbing , a full size version that is then drawn using grids . Andy's method is yet another .If you can draw a bit then tha thelps a lot , I can't .

george said...

sorry about the repeat but I thought the first one got lost in the ether .

rockrich said...

Brian, stunning find, sorry for being so late on it.

Use the N&DRAP Recording form I sent you earlier this year;-)

For big panels 1mm graph paper makes it a little easier for drawing to scale.