16 September 2006

It was Sandy wot done 'em .

When and why have yet to be answered but now at least we know who. Found this today along with three cups and the possibility of more under field clearance. About 6 miles from Crieff where there was an Alexander Crerar born about 1810 who had a wide interests so might be him. Will do a census & Parish register search next week to see if there were any other A.C.'s


Jan said...

Hi George!
This is the first cup with a signature, I guess. Nice!
How do you know that Alexander was born around 1810?
Was it only this cup you found or were there more motifs?
See/speak soon! Cheers,

george said...

Hello Jan , I did a websearch and came across an A.C. who lived nearby and seemed a bit of an non-academic polymath he had a son born in 1836 so a bit of biological maths came up with 1810 ish maybe it should have been 1770s but I hedged my bets .Three cups in total two of which and name were under turf.

Jan said...

He could well be one of the first with an active interest in rock art.
Are there still Crerar's living in the area?

Hobson said...

There's one at Addyheugh that may have been done by Sandy's girlfriend, Fiona. Or mebbe he dedicated it to her ;)