18 September 2006

Hhhmmm cup marked potboilers??

Attached is a link to some potboilers that have recently been discovered near New Cowper in Cumbria, interestingly the site has been dated to late Neolithic - Early Bronze Age. Theres some distinctly cup like depressions in yon potboilers + some that look entirely natural. I've asked David Reynolds (website owner & photographer) if theres any thoughts as to how these depressions were created (heat, natural marks or manmade), he’s come back having asked the excavating archaeos & says the feeling is that some were manmade…..debateable I know!! If some are manmade, could this be a rather tenuous link between cup marks & water, or were these depression used for practical purposes, like heating herbs or summat before being chucked int pot , or broken off a panel & had no meaning whatsoever to the average potboiler user????? I know west Cumbria wasn't exactly the hot bed of the petroglyph industry but their existence & context is quite interesting…… Cup Marked Potboilers


george said...

Not a hot bed of RA as you say Rich but there was the Aspataria cist slab from nearby .

rockrich said...

I emailed Kate Sharpe regarding these potboilers thought she may be interested. In her reply she mentioned the Aspatria cist, but says the thinking is its probably norse. Although, a quick google revealed an uncal c14 date of around 1500bc for some of the grave contents.

rockrich said...

Kate Sharpe contacted North Pennines Archaeology, who excavated the site. Apparently, the potboilers came from a layer carbon dated to belong to about 300AD, so their Neolithic - BA date is extremely debateable. Also the feeling was that the depressions were natural, although the archaeos David Reynolds spoke to thought manmade.