28 September 2006

Essential read?

Here's a link to a short paper by Breck Parkman (senior state archaeologist) in the US. Should be of interest to any one trying to get a handle on the ancient world view connected with rock art sites. Well worth a read IMHO. Interesting photo's too. Essential read?


wolfy said...

Interesting paper Graeme,i have been doing a little reading myself in the last couple of days...

I seem to be understanding your thoughts on natural features, cracks etc on the rock surface and perhaps the meaning behind these, and the cracks being a way of getting to be one with nature. I wonder who can guess what book i have been reading?..

Its a bloody good read, its not a new book, but one i have been meaning to buy for a while now, only just got it.


george said...

Thanks Graeme , reminiscent of Hawaii .As is often the case when you see RA from another continent the similarities with local RA is striking . I thought one of the pics had a lot in common with this http://www.themodernantiquarian.com/post/51613 mainly due to the incisions which appear to have been carved later and lots of cups with single rings .

Megalithix said...

What utter nonsense Graeme! Spirit in the landscape and other such mumbo-jumbo...? Tut-tut...what is the world coming to...?

All the best - Paulus x

GraemeC said...

Yes indeed Mr B.
Its all rather silly and primitive.
And of course being British, we would not have gone in for that sort of tosh. Probably spent most of our prehistory playing cricket and sipping Earl Grey!