20 January 2006

Enhanced basin?

Hi folks, This is a bit of a long shot, and not particularly inspiring, but on a visit to the hills this week, Jacqui and I found a suspiciously large possible cup in Coquetdale, Northumberland. I guess it might be one of those 'Enhanced natural features' that you hear about. Apart from obvious peck marks, how would you be able to tell? I couldn't make my mind up, and need to go back for a proper look as we were only there for a couple of minutes. I notice Rockandy is on this list, if you read this, fancy a jaunt up there Mr Andy? Local folklore has it that there is a 'Druidical rock basin' in the vicinity. I'll post the fruits of research on tma if anyone wants a bit more of the detail.

19 January 2006

IoM RA (again)

I've scanned in the table of IoM rock art sites discussed earlier and sent copies to Brian and Jan. If anyone else wants one, let me know. Because of the difficulties of working with PPS (which prints very close to the spine), the table is the only thing which I can send - it works reasonably ok because it is printed landscape but, even here, I've had to add a few manuscript notes. Here are some points from the rest of the article on IoM RA
  • More than 20 rock sites were known when Morris listed the 6 in his book.
  • 0.1 sites per square km makes IoM a rock art hot spot (cf 0.5/sq km for Yorkshire West Riding)
  • All are examples of the passage grave or the cup mark styles
  • Most are in the S of the island with a particular concentration at the extreme south ("The Sound") - 9 sites and 27 panels (mainly cupmarks)
  • Most are at 50m to 150m OD


17 January 2006

Picked up a nice little book!!

Hi Folks, I picked up a nice little rock art book, Ancient Rock Carvings from GB & Ireland by Chris Mansell. Its a cracker of a book, basically looks at the various designs within rock art carvings and talks about the regional links within the designs. I would imagine we all think about why it is that a certain design is used in one area but not another or why you find a certain design in only one region.. Good Book.

14 January 2006

Castlerigg spiral - is it real?

Just noticed the laser scans of the stones at castlerigg circle on the Durham university website, but there is no trace of the spiral on stone 11. The folks at Megalithics.com also photographed this stone, with angled lighting, but again no spiral. Yet there is a photo on TMA showing traces of this faint carving. Any thoughts on this ? http://www.dur.ac.uk/prehistoric.art/btrar/castlerigg3d.html

03 January 2006

What can you see?

Hi Folks, Just wondering if anyone can see something in the picture i took?.. let me know what you think. Brian.