22 December 2005

Congratulations Hob & Jackie

Hi Folks, I am sure you would all like to congratulate Hob & Jackie on their new arrival to the Hobson household, her name is Niamh Rowan Catherine Hobson, and let us all welcome a new member to the rock art family. All the best to you both, have a great christmas.

Isle of Man Rock Art

This year's (Vol 71) Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society (PPS) has an article "The Cronk yn How Stone and the Rock Art of the Isle of Man", the latter part being an inventory table of 56 rock art sites complete with 8 fig grid refs, descriptions, etc. A big increase on the 6 sites in the Morris Galloway book! There's also a general location map and some analysis of the art. No big spectacular sites but a useful addition to the database. Shout if you want more info. Leslie

19 December 2005

The West Yorkshire Rock Art Book

More bloody books!!!!! I have just spoken to Mr Boughey who informed me that although the Book is now out of print he still has copies at home. The deal is - £14 for the book and £4.50 p&p One cheque for £14 made out to Wakefield MDC plus One cheque for £4.50 made out to K. Boughey. I do not want to put his home address on a public website but if you drop me a line I will happily pass the details on to you

14 December 2005

North York Moors Rock Art Book

Hello rock art Folk, The good news is that the book is now available. It came out on december 1st, but i only found out last week! A courtesy copy arrived on monday and i am pleased with the way it has turned out. Lots of photo's and drawings and at nearly 300 pages its quite a hefty book. The carved stones on the North York Moors have not been published in any detail so hopefully this book will be a good introduction to the area. Regards Graeme Here's a link to the book on the Tempus Publishing site http://www.tempus-publishing.com/bookdetails.php?isbn=0752433482

13 December 2005

Panorama Stones

Hi Guys, There is a thread over on HeritageAction regarding the Panorama Stones, relating to the damage to them, where the stones are situated, etc.. We have been in contact with various interested parties in the area who may have some influence on the future of the stones. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or thoughts on what they would like to see happen to the stones?.. Your thoughts are of course most welcome. Brian. (Jan: here a link to the thread on HA: http://www.heritageaction.org/?page=theheritagejournal&id=106)

More West Agra

These pictures were sent to me by Peter, who lives a few hundred meters from the carvings. Both were taken early morning.

11 December 2005

Greenland in Color

Hi Folks, Today I received some nice (color) pics of Greenland from Maarten van Hoek. They were taken just after the Glasgow survey painted-in the motifs in 1994. The photos are uploaded to BRAC. Maarten also send me his article "Prehistoric Quarrying and the re-sanctification of Rock Art". Cheers, Jan

Prehistoric rock art in the North York Moors...

Hi Folks, Just asking if anyone else had pre-ordered the book by Paul & Graeme?.. i ordered my copy at the start of november from the history book shop, i hadn't heard anything so i called them. The guy who took my call, phoned the publisher of the book, he was told the book isn't quite finished yet, looking like a spring release at the earliest, march to may time he thought.. Has anyone been in contact with either Paul or Graeme lately?..was hoping for a good at christmas...it will be worth the wait i would say. cheers Brian

10 December 2005

West Agra, North Yorkshire

Richard Stroud published new pics of rock art in the West Agra plantation to TMA. Thanks for that Rich! I was struck by the spacing of the concentric rings. It almost looks if there's a logarithmic development which makes it, along with the unusual space around the cup, a unique(?) design. Can you think of other panels with the same sort of spacing? Cheers, Jan

08 December 2005

Broad Moss

Looks good though.

04 December 2005

Manor Valley C&R Pebble

I was getting a bit tired of seeing the the IFRAO scale and thought this stone from the Manor Valley near Peebles may be of interest. (Jan: this stone is now part of Questionable Rock Art on BRAC. What should we put as caption? Man- or Nature made?) The new pic is the reverse side of the original.