28 September 2005

Nether Linkens

Hi Jan, I know what you mean, in the pics it looks like i only sprayed the top of the carving, this is actually what it looks like with the whole boulder soaked, the centre of the ring is that colour because of what was on top of it, the colour coming from pressure and from the material that was on the boulder, but i hope you can just make out all six rings, just, which must have went around the edge of the boulder as the corner is close to the carvings, and the line of peck marks going down the left hand corner from the rings..it has weathered alot since first discovered by Coles in 1894..may it rest in peace once more... brian

25 September 2005

Torrs 2g

Hi Folks, Been back to Torrs today, unfortunately no more new finds, lots of areas to look at still.. I did manage to take some distance and measurement photographs. This is 2g and my efforts to get a similar feel to the Morris photograph of 2b. My feeling i think you already know, i feel this makes me realise this is not the Morris find 2b..and is indeed a new find, 2g. Let me know what you all think.

21 September 2005

Chatton , strange marks on panel

Hi Folks, Had a great time at Chatton & Ketley this past weekend, great carvings, superb. One of the pictures i took is below, to me it looks like when you were a kid and found some wet concrete and marked it...is it a carving or a prehistoric animal print or what?..i am sure one of you guys out there will have the answer.

cheers, brian.

20 September 2005

Norwegian Rock Art

Howdo mateys, I thought I'd share a few photos of Norwegian Rock art that I snapped on a recent trip to Stavanger Museum. It's strange stuff, the carvings are quite shallow and would be extremely difficult to interpret without the red paint. Anyway I'm posting these in the hope that Jan & Gus share some of their recent Scandinavian pictures with us. cheers Fitz

19 September 2005

Rock Art In Wooler

Myself and Suzanne visited the Wooler tourist information office yesterday and found they have a piece of RA that was donated by a local farmer. I took some pics, which i posted, has anyone heard of this one before.? Let me know what they think.

1st attempt

Howdo, this blogging malarky is a bit new to me but I'm willing to give it a shot. Not much activity going on over here in North Yorks, I'm a bit downhearted by the loss of my camera, 2 cameras in 1 year! I had my old SLR for 21 years without a hitch until it finally gave up the ghost on Moor Divock trying to photograph Stan's elusive cup and ring in horizontal rain. Last week Hob and myself had a trip to the rock room at the Museum of Antiquities in Newcastle. Hob made the appointment for 12:30 and despite the rain and erratic train timetables I made it more or less on time. We had hoped 'Stonelifter' from TMA would join us but he sent a cryptic message saying that the rain had put him off - lightweight. The rock room is a basement beneath one of the main university buildings, viewing is by appointment only. The room itself is stuffed with an assortment of stonework most of which is Roman but in the far corner are a number of wooden pallets covered with bubble-wrap with a bunch of lovely carved stones sat on top. On the edge of this area is a long pillar which has been laid on it's side. The pillar had been used as a gatepost in the past and has travelled around the country, what makes the pillar remarkable is the erect cock and balls carved along its side. The carving is thought to be Roman, it certainly brought a smile to our faces as we commented on how graffitti hasn't changed much over the millennia. Anyway the rock room was excellent. I was most impressed by Hob's gymnastic attempts to capture a decent photograph of the stones, bounding around with his camera, tripod and hand lamp. After the rock room we retired to the pub for a bit of refreshment and some excellent blether. I've got meself a dog so I've been taking him up to Upleatham to try and train him to walk with me. I'm using the opportunity to search the walls of the area for any rock art. A couple of years ago I was told by a bloke in our pub that he'd seen a cup marked rock, in a dry stone wall, on the northern edge of Upleatham. I've searched all over the walls but as yet have found nothing, I aint going to give up though, I'm sure I'll find something. I'm currently trying to teach myself how to knap flint. I have a stock of large flint nodules collected from my beach but so far all I seem to have managed is to reduce most of the nodules to a pile of blood-stained, razor-edged chippings. I'm going to have to book myself onto one of John Lord's day schools. That's about it from me I guess. If any of you haven't seen the cover of Graeme's new book it's here - http://www.tempus-publishing.com/bookdetails.php?isbn=0752433482 I haven't spoken to Graeme for a wee while but I hope everythings progressing well with the book and that we'll see it on the shelves soon. Don't forget to put it on your Christmas lists. ta ra Fitz

Hill Park

Not too sunny but amazing what a wee bit of brightness could . This is Hill Park HP 1 . Previous pics never did it justice.A bit more turf removed and a few cups and deep cup and ring appeared . Will post later .

18 September 2005


Received this one from George. Thanks! SAIR - Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports

17 September 2005

Torrs 2b and 2g

This photo of motif 2b, taken by Ronald Morris in 1973, shows a cup with two rings. There is an obvious natural groove visible on the left side. However, comparing this pic with the recently discovered motif 2g (post below), the subtle striation between the red markers and the less subtle groove in combination with curved line (marked yellow) should be taken into account. Both options need to be compared with the N-S line of the shown compass.

16 September 2005

New members to the blog!

Welcome to the both of you! For George it is bussiness as usual, although we didn't use the old weblog to often. Brian is new to this feature and we await his first post could it be with a pic. Just give it a try. I made you both "administator". That means that you are able to change the template of the blog (please don't do that ever!) and you're able to edit or even delete messages. Plese use this capability only for your own post! We hope this blog will contribute to the good course of prehistoric rock art in the UK and an enhancement of our hobby (passion). Greetings, Jan

Link bussiness

Hi All, Still trying to publish an active link: http://rockartuk.fotopic.net It seems that the tric is to always use the "Compose" setting (right upper corner) instead of the "Edit Html" one. Lets also try to upload a pic. Uptill now I've uploaded trough "Hello" which is very easy. But this one is direct:

Torrs-2g, photo credit: Brian Kerr, 2005

Well, there's the pic. Now I'll try to upload a pic with a direct link to one of the BRAC photo's in my next posting.



15 September 2005

Torrs News

One of the three 'new' motifs recently found by Brian Kerr at Torrs farm near Kirkcudbright (SW-Scotland)

Something New

Today was indeed the first day of the rest of my live! Dentist, new car, new rock art found at Torrs, etc. etc. Good day to start a new weblog too! Thats why.