10 December 2005

West Agra, North Yorkshire

Richard Stroud published new pics of rock art in the West Agra plantation to TMA. Thanks for that Rich! I was struck by the spacing of the concentric rings. It almost looks if there's a logarithmic development which makes it, along with the unusual space around the cup, a unique(?) design. Can you think of other panels with the same sort of spacing? Cheers, Jan


Fitz said...

That certainly is an unusual motif Jan.
The whole thing is asymetrical with the rings widening out to one side. The central channel is also a strange one.
I don't know if you've seen Tim Lauries photos on Graemes site, I've left a link on TMA, but that rock in the wall that's marked up with channels is very bizarre indeed.

How is the access to the site?

rockrich said...

Fitz / Jan
1 or 2 things about these carvings are quite bizarre, or should I say unusual. I've just looked at the concentric ringed carving again & you're quite right about it being asymmetrical, the 4th ring stops at about 2 o'clock. A local told me that grooved channel points to the sunrise at midwinter, I’ve not looked any further into this though. Apart from this motif, theres another couple of long meandering grooves on the northern end of the stone.

Other things that make this area interesting, apart from the carvings, is the existence of a manmade stone shelter (almost Quoit like) & 2 standing stones that lie S. The same local, who’d looked into the history of the place, said that towards the latter end of the 19th C, the lord of the Manor went to Carnac & was absolutely blown away by the magnificence place. He came back & may have erected 1 or 2 follies on his land, whether this interest grew into rock art, I don’t know.

There are other carvings up there, I’ve certainly found at least 1 cup marked rock not scheduled & this local said he’d found other possible cups further into the plantation.

Most of the carvings are fairly easily accessed, only 1 is quite difficult because of its proximity to a farmhouse (I’ve not seen this one yet). But if you fancy going for a skeg, let me know & I’ll quite happily show you around. I was planning to go up there soon anyway, to have a look for further carvings within the plantation.

rockrich said...

srub my 5 & 6 rings bit,its just extremely worn on 1 side...doh!

Fitz said...

You fancy a run up there this week Rich.
If so give us a shout on fitzcoraldo at hotmail dot com
I haven't got your e-mail addy.

cheers fitz