13 December 2005

Panorama Stones

Hi Guys, There is a thread over on HeritageAction regarding the Panorama Stones, relating to the damage to them, where the stones are situated, etc.. We have been in contact with various interested parties in the area who may have some influence on the future of the stones. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or thoughts on what they would like to see happen to the stones?.. Your thoughts are of course most welcome. Brian. (Jan: here a link to the thread on HA: http://www.heritageaction.org/?page=theheritagejournal&id=106)


GraemeC said...

In 2004 there were plans to move the Panorama stones to place them in the courtyard in front of the manor house museum - ilkley.
EH also offered to fund conservation work, but i think local politics got involved and so the plan was shelved.
Lets Hope HA can get the ball rolling again.

wolfy said...

Hi Graeme,

Not sure if you've seen the HA forum?

this will let you all see what has been happening so far on the Panorama stones front.


cheers Brian.