14 December 2005

North York Moors Rock Art Book

Hello rock art Folk, The good news is that the book is now available. It came out on december 1st, but i only found out last week! A courtesy copy arrived on monday and i am pleased with the way it has turned out. Lots of photo's and drawings and at nearly 300 pages its quite a hefty book. The carved stones on the North York Moors have not been published in any detail so hopefully this book will be a good introduction to the area. Regards Graeme Here's a link to the book on the Tempus Publishing site http://www.tempus-publishing.com/bookdetails.php?isbn=0752433482


rockrich said...
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rockrich said...

cheers Graeme, mines on order. Although, from my sister who works at waterstones says it might be a late crimbo pressie. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait though.

Are you going to put anything on TMA & MP about it being out?

Fitz said...

About bloody time Mr C!
I'm dead chuffed that it's finally out.
I've taken the liberty of placing a post on TMA and the Portal...as Graeme's probably too bloody modest to dirty his hands with self-promotion

wolfy said...

Hi Graeme,

Just ordered my copy..

still don't know why the original place i ordered it from told me it wouldn't be out till spring..

cheers. Brian.

Jan said...

Hi Graeme,
Welcome to the RABLog and congrats with the birth of your and Paul's book. We hope that two copies will arrive in Holland soon. It will sure help us through the long winter nights.

GraemeC said...

Yes fitz its very true - modesty is my greatest failing - or i'm just plain lazy. Thanks for posting it on the TMA.

Tempus now have stocks of the book, but the suppliers to waterstones and Borders etc have not updated the availability yet.
I just heard Whitby Museum has copies for sale?, but its probably cheaper to get it from the Tempus website.

greywether said...

My copy arrived this morning - ordered from the publishers on line last Saturday. Just spent all day going through it. It's a great production - congrats to both of you.


wolfy said...

ho ho ho

hi folks,

just to say my copy of the book arrived yesterday, so looks like i will be having a wee read over christmas..excellent stuff guys.


Hobson said...

Just ordered one. Tempus' online ordering is quite nifty. They have a few interesting titles too.

Looking forward to it, 'specially as NYM are within an easy days journey for me.

Megalithix said...

Ey up Graeme! (and everyone else for that matter!)

Just got your North Yorks rock art book today mate. Bloody good stuff. Congragulations! If you don't mind, once I've ploughed thru and inwardly digested it all, I'm gonna do a Book Review of it. Would it be OK to post it here aswell? Is that OK? Wot do people think?

Hobson said...

I think postive reviews should be plastered everywhere!

I was particularly chuffed to see some discussion about possible meanings etc, especially as it drew in ethnographic stuff from elsewhere in the world. The Mesolithic cup idea appealed espcially, as it's an idea that has been lurking about in my head for a couple of years now, based on those Australian dates.

That's part of what makes this an RA book in the best tradition, the lack of university funding means the authors can speak their minds withut being afraid of academic ridicule. It also goes to reinforce that there are people so motivated to go out and find/record all this stuff just for the love of it. Excellent.