17 October 2005

Colsterdale ?

L O peeps, Here are the 2 possible, but unlikely carvings I mentioned earlier. These markings sit on 2 fairly large stones a matter of feet apart, just south of Slipstone Crags near Colsterdale, N Yorks. When I first spotted these grooves, I immediately thought ‘natural’ & just walked away. On my way back to the car, I decided to have another skeg at them & the more I looked, the more I questioned my initial judgement. I did this for a number of reasons; i. can nature cause grooves to run square & at right-angles, ii. 1 of the features looked almost rectangular. iii theres a scheduled carving 700meters SE, which forms a grid pattern, so local folks were carving motifs with right angles in, in antiquity. I’d still put my dosh on them not being carvings, but your views would be most welcome.


wolfy said...
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wolfy said...

Hi Richard,

I know what you mean, sometimes you look at something, think its totally natural, think again, go back...you start to think well maybe..do you have any pictures of other carvings in the immediate area for comparison?..
nice to have you here..

rockrich said...

Hi Brian,

many thanks, its nice to be here too.

This is a new one to me, usually I find cups & then decide they’re natural, sometimes after visiting said rock 15 times ;-)

The carving that made me think, ‘hhhmmmm maybe’, is some 700 meters away (now attached). It’s a large rock that has meandering grooves on its eastern edge (said to depict a stylised human when viewed from the E) & then a uniform grid pattern on its N facing slope. It‘s the right angles of the grid pattern motif that made me ponder the potential of these.

A local told me that he’d found other possible carvings nearby, he couldn't remember exactly where, but I’m going up in the winter to have a potter about.

wolfy said...

Hi Rich,

I noticed you posted some pics from Ilkley yesterday, were you there over the weekend?..

We had a great time, was fun searching through the fog..lots of good pictures..

got loads to sort through..a couple i am not sure if they are listed on tma yet, might give you the grid ref see if you can check your books for me..


rockrich said...

Hi Brian,

I've had those pics in my 'waiting' folder for a while. I think your visit to Ilkely Moor must have inspired me to post em.

No problem regarding those grid refs, if you post em I'll check em & let you know.

Hobson said...

Hiya Rich,

They look like 'the genuine I am' at least at first glance, 'course without having seen in the real, It's never easy to say. Is it millstone grit?

btw, if you're using the whole armload of paperwork from the D&NRAP, whew! Profound respects!

rockrich said...

Hob, yep, tis Millstone grit. I think these markings are the kind where you'll change your mind every time you visit, depending on the light......

Tis certainly going to be a challenge using the full array of paperwork (voluntarily too), but as an an ex-civil servant of 16yrs service, forms are my thing ;-)