07 October 2005

Beckensall's Kilmartin book

Hello folks, Whilst not directly related to anything new, I thought I'd mention that the Kilmartin house museum now has copies of Stan Beckensall's book. They haven't ut them up on their online shop yet, but if you wish, copies can be ordered by contacting sylvie@kilmartin.org or phoning Sylvie on 0044(0) 1546 510 278. Cost is £13 plus £2 post and packing. Hob


wolfy said...

Hi Hob,

and welcome..about time..lol..

Sylvie says Hi, lol... my copy is on its way.. thanks young man.


wolfy said...

Hi all,

Just an extra note, Stan emailed me last week , and happened to mention his book was out soon..lol.

Jan said...

Hi Hob,
Thanks for the tip and very welcome to the blog! Good to have you on board.
Which company published Stan's Kilmartin book? Not Tempus, eh?
I'll try to get a copy soon because I would like to know if he uses recent pics of the rock art sites or just older material from the museum.
Would it, in the meantime, be possible to post a scan of the coverpage to the blog?
Thanks also for the nice pics you took during your Kilmartin experience. I already loaded some up to BRAC.
All the best,

george said...

The book is published by Kilmartin House and has lots of excellent new coloured pics .You won't be disappointed.

greywether said...

I picked up a copy on Saturday - saw it just by chance when I was in the National Museum. Very nice.


wolfy said...

Hi All,

Got my copy through the post this morning, an evening of reading is called for i think.. very good.


Suzanne said...

I had a quick look over Brian's shoulder last night, it looks good but I think could have been a bit chunkier. Not as thick as the Tempus books, but slightly shinier. Put it this way; I look forward to the sequel!!

We'll hopefully get some preview pictures of it tonight.