01 January 2007

New Year........ New Blog!

Beware of crossing standing stones!
(photo by Hettie Goverts. Click to enlarge)
A very Happy New Year to you all. This might be a good moment in time to switch to our new blog "British Rock Art Blog" (BRAB) on Wordpress.com. We already did some try-outs there (thanks Hob & Brian) and you will receive an invitiation by e-mail to take a look there. It is our intention to give you the status of "Contributor" on the new blog. That may cause some husle to get registered, etc. But it is worthwhile because there are much beter features on the new blog like: being able to use html (url's, etc.) in the comments, a search engine, the possiblity to see who has commented to a topic lately, perma-linking, etc. Please give it a try and play around with it! We also are putting the good old "Rock Art in the British Landscape" on ice. That means that the new blog will also be used as a forum and for that reason it is open to anyone who wants to comment. That is: for the time being....... if to much trolls and lunatics pop-up, access will be restricted to (invited) contributors only. So RABL will be terminated within a few months time. We are now working on the tranfersion of the "Rock Art-icles" to BRAC. We'll keep you posted! Hope to see/hear of you on the British Rock Art Blog soon! The full url is: http://rockartuk.wordpress.com/ Have a wonderfull 2007! Cheers from Gus & Jan

31 December 2006

Rock Art News

Hi Folks, Found this blog on the web run by "Rock Art News". I don't know who he/she/they is/are but there is an amazing lot of news from all corners of the world. It could well be the collection blog of StonePages or so. Here's the link.....Enjoy! Rock Art News Cheers, Jan

13 December 2006

Northern Lights

Last weekend, and the weekend before, saw the all too short run of an installation art piece at Simonside, Northumerland. The work was comissioned as part of the 50th Birthday of the Northumberland National Park. Artist Phil Supple used a series of rock art inspired light sculptures (such as the one below based on motifs at Ketley Crag) to illuminate a trail leading to a view of the north west crags of Simonside, wonderfully lit by projections of Cup and Ring motifs based on Stan's drawings.

Andy managed to make a dash up there to provide background information on rock art to those taking part in one of the organised walks from the bottom of the ill to the summit. (Despite having been given dodgy directions and very short notice due to a case of projectile vomiting babies in the house of Hob)

Despite having looked forward to the event for weeks, I thought I wasn't going to be able to get there, but was luckily given the chance to get up there for the last half hour of the lights. It was pretty darned good to see these motifs projected onto a surface I know is a prominent feature of the views of many of Northumberland's RA and other monuments.

Despite waht the promotional leaflet had inferred, there was no light show at Lordenshaw, so as part of the evening, my associates and I paid a nocturnal visit to the main panel and waved some torches at it. I regret the lack of a tripod, as the moon rose a lovely shade of orangey-red.

Possibly they'll do something similar next year, but probably at a different site.

Well done Northumberland National Park and Mr Supple. It was much appreciated.

11 December 2006

West Yorks Rock Art book now on CD

I spoke to Keith Boughey last week and he said the Rock Art of West Yorkshire book is now completely sold out. However the publishers (WYAS) have decided to put the book onto a CD and i think its for sale at the same price as the book (£14.00?) . So at least it is still available in some format. Keith has also put his own 'update' CD together (£5?) with details of some significant finds that have come to light since the book was published. Contact details for the publishers at http://www.arch.wyjs.org.uk/aspubl.htm

04 December 2006

incised rocks

Here's some eg's of the incised rocks from the Glentarf area , as they don't necessarily have any conventional rock art on them they have not been put on BRAC .